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IHG 1500 indukciós csavar melegítő Unicraft: 6400015

230.787 Ft
204.646 Ft + ÁFA ( 259.900 Ft )
Kedvezmény: 26.141 Ft
Az akció időtartama:
2022. 04. 11. - 2022. 06. 30.
Cikkszám: U283181
Gyártó cikkszám: 6400015
Elérhetőség: Rendelésre
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IHG 1500 – induction heater unit

Extremely versatile for bodywork and work
on commercial vehicles thanks to an ample
range of accessories (additional accessories
available separately)

- Easy to transport due to compact dimensions
and low weight of only 4.5 kg

- Removing minor dents caused by hail without
corroding the paintwork

- Removing small trim panels

- Detaching and removing sealing compound
and polyfilla

- Treating jammed and corroded parts, such
as screws, lugs, seals, hinges, nuts, etc.

- Also suitable for heating and loosening parts
that are hard to access (e.g. axle components,
ball joints, sensors, etc.), using a custom,
flexible heating coil

The induction heater unit and its accessories
exclusively apply non-contact, targeted heat in
areas where it is actually necessary. Based on the
principle that electromagnetic induction works
with conductive materials only so that non-conductive
surfaces (such as glass, rubber, plastic,
painted surfaces, etc.) are not heated up to prevent
damage on said components. Open flames
are no longer required and hence the associated
fire risk has been almost entirely eliminated.
Application and benefits:

- Fast and easy removal of parts on vehicles by
applying heat, e.g. glass, trim panels, stickers,
foil, etc.

- Targeted, precisely metered and exactly positioned
application with the required amount
of heat within seconds thanks to cutting-edge
microprocessor technology

- Complete protection of the surrounding areas
and no damage to painted surfaces, glass, rubber,
plastic, etc.

Technical Data
Power supply 230 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1.7 kVA
Output 1.5 kW
Fuse 16 A
Degree of protection IP 21
Output frequency 25 - 60 kHz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 200 x 75 x 140 mm
Weight including accessories 5 kg
Device weight 4.5 kg